Drone Racing-Tuseday-6:30PM


​e-Team Hobbyplex Store:Carries RC and hobby products

e-Team Hobbyplex Track:40 X 60 CRC racing carpet, with pit tables,

   stools, electric power at each pit station, TV, Around room sound system ,

   RC Scoring Program with monitors at track level, House transponders,        Rental cars, Coke Machines  

e-Team Hobbyplex Track Schedule:

  Road Coarse:Every Sunday-Doors Open- 9:30AM-Race- 11:00AM                              Wednesday-Race 6:30PM

 Off Road-Every other Friday -Race-6:30PM

 Oval- Every other Saturday-Doors open Noon-Racing-5:30PM

****See Calender under Up Coming Event for racing information****